Artificial Intelligence & The Future of Staffing

There’s plenty of excitement in the world today surrounding artificial intelligence (AI), or machine learning. Media portrayal leave many thinking that things like self-driving cars are “just around the corner,” and they fail to see how AI impacts us all right now. AI is everywhere in our daily lives. We use it to avoid traffic, filter spam from our inboxes, teachers use it to grade homework, brands use it to sell quicker, and we use it to deposit checks without stepping foot inside a bank. It’s no different for the staffing and recruitment industry. While we are in the business of people, and the human element will never 100% disappear, AI has certainly claimed a firm stake in shaping the future landscape of our industry.

Fear not—AI is designed to reduce workload and make us better at our jobs, not to replace us. Here are a few ways AI will help your company become more efficient and deliver better results to your clients:

Finding & Attracting Candidates

For the most part, recruiters have relied heavily on job boards and personal sourcing to find candidates. Using AI, we can leverage rule-based bidding to targeted job board placement based on audience. This ensures we are attracting the right candidates while eliminating extra spend on the wrong ones. In addition, AI can reallocate your job posting spend to support jobs that are underperforming, or “harder to fill.”

Screening, Sorting and Shortlisting

Much of a recruiter’s time is spent sifting through resumes and browsing LinkedIn profiles, usually coming across more unqualified candidates than interacting with suitable ones. AI automatically sorts out unqualified candidates and ensures recruiters are only spending their time considering qualified candidates. It also removes human bias based on gender, race, or other secondary factors, truly only rating candidates based on their experience and abilities. The human element comes into play during the interview process once shortlists are complete-- AI simply reduces the amount of time it takes to get there.

Placement Probability

AI takes data sorting a step further to recognize certain patterns, giving us insight into “placement probability.” This means using the data of successful candidates, we can determine how likely it is someone will land a job, and which candidates will be most successful after they’re hired. The information helps recruiters get closer to finding that “perfect match” faster, and it can help clients in deciding who to hire. Of course AI isn’t perfect, but the technology will get better over time. If a client is unhappy with an experience the technology will remember the flaws and fix it for next time. Over time, the recruiters and overall business improve.

Candidate Relationship Management

AI has contributed greatly to chatbots and email messages being sent to people expressing interest in a position or company. They are quickly becoming a useful way to communicate with candidates automatically, before handing over the relationship to a human recruiter. The chatbot does not replace the recruiter, but simple helps streamline the process by capturing important information upfront. Automatic email messages also help recruiters keep in touch with top candidates throughout their entire experience, without needing to take time out and write each email.

Overall, AI is benefiting the recruitment and staffing industry greatly and should be embraced by those who want to succeed. Employers who do so will experience more effective communication, better spending, and a more accurate assessment of candidate placement. This is only the beginning for AI technology; the best is yet to come.




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