Building a Successful Relationship with your MSP

One of the major benefits of pursuing a relationship with a managed service provider (MSP) is it removes certain admin tasks and allows you to focus on your business and client relationships. However, that doesn’t mean once you partner-up you should let the relationship go to the wayside. Especially in the beginning, you’ll want to ensure the alliance is designed to be jointly managed and proactively supports one another. The key to success lies within the ability to create a long-standing relationship that continues to be mutually beneficial, and therefore, more likely to experience continued growth.

Four Ways to Bring Value to your MSP and Experience Success

1)Establish a Mutually Beneficial Partnership

This starts with trust and transparency. Try meeting face-to-face with your MSP counterpart to build a strong rapport and gain their trust from the get-go. It’s important your relationship is strong from the start, not just when you’re “in a pinch.”

Build a mutual understanding with your MSP--you’ll bring them sales leads first if your company is added to the top of the supply chain. They gain more market share and you gain more opportunity with other sales leads in their system.

2) Bring Valuable Marketing Insights & Data  

An effective MSP understands the basic demands, business cycles and various priorities of your industry, but they lack interaction with clients and candidates that you experience on a daily basis. Your team are the ones engaged with clients, understanding true market rates, job demand, and changing pain points. Only when an MSP can understand that level of information can everyone work together effectively to meet your company’s goals.

3) Foster Open and Collaborative Communication

Open lines of communication is a vital part of any successful relationship. Treat your MSP provider as an extension of your own team by using best practices. It’s a good idea to schedule regular meeting times to ensure you’re keeping in touch and always keeping one another up-to-date. The more your MSP knows about your business needs, the more they can help you.

4) Round Out Partnership Reviews by Adding Value

Service level agreements are often performed by MSPs on a yearly basis to gauge their level of engagement vs. expected level of service. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are typically used to guide the report. Bring your own KPIs to the table, measuring ongoing trends to help make adjustments to the MSP service delivery. This will help the MSP decide which initiatives are working and which need to be re-evaluated. They will also begin to turn to view your company as a premier partner and thought leader with exclusive benefits.

Establishing a strong relationship with your MSP can turn a simple agreement into a mutually beneficial and lasting partnership. By viewing the relationship as a partnership, it opens the door to improved client service and future innovation.




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