Get ‘Out of the Weeds’ and Into Innovation

If you’re a successful entrepreneur and/or business leader, it’s likely you are a visionary within your organization. You have a lot of innovative solutions to everyday issues, and the drive to bring them to life. The problem is, because of your level of experience, you’re probably getting pulled into multiple initiatives, internal issues, and smaller projects that take away from bringing those larger ideas to life.

Often times, when a new project starts the leader will take on more responsibility than necessary, forcing them so far down a path of execution that it’s almost impossible for them to exit. This is called getting “into the weeds” and it can happen to anyone who is faced with an overwhelming number of tasks. However, with a few leadership prioritization strategies, you can avoid the weeds altogether and focus your energy on the larger picture

Shift Your Mindset

As the leader, it’s your job to focus on the long-term strategy, not the small details. If you find yourself being drawn in, take a step back and refocus on what’s important: your objective. When your team brings you a problem, remember your job is not to solve it but to ask the right questions that give them confidence and guide them in the right direction.

3 Guiding Focal Points

When the time comes to take a step back, it’s a good idea to go back to your basics. Use these 3 points to help guide your team:

  1. Hone in on your sales pitch.The sales story is a huge part of your organization’s operations and the origin of where most of the work is done. It should reflect your company as a whole and represent your stance within the industry. When faced with a new idea, take it back to your sales story. Does it support and/or enhance it?

  2. Focus on your niche. You’ve taken the time to define your niche for a reason: this is where your organization excels and profits. Do not stray into new areas just because you can.

  3. Are you utilizing your differentiators?These are the 3-4 things that truly set you apart from competition, be sure they are coming through in everything your team does.

Delagate. Delagate. Delagate.

As a leader, your value lies in crafting the vision for your organization and guiding your team in the right direction when they stray. Be sure you have a capable team in place you can fully trust to take care of the tactical aspects and don’t lose sight of those important longer-term strategies.

“In the weeds” we have no perspective. We’re too close to a project or initiative and can only see inches in front of us. When you step back to provide your team with a little altitude, you’re able to shine a light on what’s truly important. This keeps everyone on the right track, and allows you to spend your time bringing more innovative ideas to life. It’s time to put down the to-do list and start making a larger impact by focusing on the bigger picture.




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