Improve Women Employee Retention for Long-term Success

Gender bias in business is a hot topic of discussion today. It’s no secret there’s been a downward trend of women working in the U.S. Women continue to be underrepresented in leadership and, due to social factors, are opting to leave careers they’ve worked hard to achieve. During a time of such high competition for talent, companies that can attract and retain a diverse workforce are more likely to succeed–this includes women. Rather than act as a revolving door for female employees, rethink your company’s best practices and policies to keep women working and watch your organization thrive.

4 Steps to Improve Retention

Offer Flexibility

This is essential, and can be offered up in many different ways. Choosing to return back to work after a major life milestone can be an extremely hard and overwhelming decision. Providing flexible work options that allow employees to align their work and personal lives can take away unwanted stress and allow them to give their best selves to your organization.

Provide Family-friendly Benefits

Benefits such as: maternity/paternity leave, paid sick days, on-site lactation rooms, and back-up childcare will go a long way for those who prioritize family. Not only should your organization offer these benefits, but the culture should not stigmatize those who take advantage of them. Your organization should encourage all employees (males included) to take advantage of the benefits to better their quality of living.

Sincerely Develop Women as Leaders

Not all employees are destined to be a leader in your organization, but all employees should have the opportunity. Design methods to encourage women’s career development through leadership training, mentorship, camaraderie, and fair rewards. A talented, and diversified, leadership team can only propel your business forward.

Encourage Collaborative Networking Groups

Creating and encouraging participation in employee network groups builds a community for employees who share similar experiences and can grow from each other's best practices and advice. Doing so will also reach outside your company’s network and attract individuals through positive experiences that you may not have reached before.

Understanding the importance of retention for women in the workforce should be a key part of every organizations hiring strategy. Investing in the future of your top talent is an investment that results in more applicants, improved employee happiness, and a positive impact for your business.




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