Keep up with Staffing Trends: Cloud-based Software

If one thing's true about the staffing industry, it's that change is constant. It's hard to deny for the past few years technology has been evolving and dictating the rewrite of traditional recruitment practices. From artificial intelligence, to new practices in how we screen candidates – the changing technologies show no signs of slowing down.

What does this mean for your staffing organization? How can you keep up with the ever-changing trends, yet stay grounded in your business? Recruitment software has been around for years, but with technology transforming every month, it can significantly impact your operations to stick with a traditional software application that requires manual upgrades. Moving to a cloud-based system is more than just effective – it's the future.

Here are 5 benefits to making the leap to a true cloud-based platform:

1. Cost Effectiveness.

It's likely you're already analyzing cost involved with tools you're investing in, especially when it comes to recruitment. On-premise recruitment software can be extremely pricy with costs including a large upfront fee, ongoing maintenance, and additional licensing fees. Choosing a cloud-based software can be highly customizable in payment models that pay for only what you need, for the time you need it. This cost advantage brings recruitment software within reach to organizations of all sizes, allowing small businesses to be more competitive in their recruiting.

2. Access Anytime, from Anywhere.

The nature of today's recruiter has evolved into an "always-on" model. Often recruiters are working flexible work hours, from multiple locations, and need to be able to access information with ease to perform efficiently. Cloud-based software allows for this flexibility. Multiple employees can log into the system, from different types of devices, making engagement with candidates much more convenient when telecommuting.

3. Security.

Recruiters are dealing with sensitive personal information on a daily basis. Working with an on-premise software can be challenging and costly to properly protect information. Cloud-based systems offer a new level of security that eliminates risk. Standard features like, advanced data encryption, allow the platforms to be secured from hackers from the get-go.

4. Improved User Experience.

With a cloud-based system, both the recruiters and candidates havea much more seamless and engaging experience. Recruiters have access to real-time data on candidates, with a clear picture of what stage each of them are at in the recruitment process. This minimizes time in tracking down important information and miss-communication with other co-workers, who may have been talking with the same candidates. On the flip side, with more data and accessibility, candidates are seeing faster response rates and more tailored answers to their questions.

5. Flexibility.

In addition to avoiding manual system updates, the flexibility of moving to a cloud-based system includes customization for your organization's specific operating rhythm. This goes beyond the perk of accessing data from any device and includes integration with add-on modules in other business areas. This can be anything from additional marketing to HR applications. Businesses can test out new technology, without the heavy investment in a separate solution.

In today's extremely competitive environment for talent, cloud-based software is the simple solution to stay relevant with technology updates, keep up with flexible working trends, and avoid breaking the bank.




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