Your Candidate Experience is More Important Than Ever

It used to be that organizations held the upper hand in hiring employees, leaving candidates to fight for very limited positions. These days, the job market has flipped. There are all kinds of new types of positions popping up, giving talented candidates the opportunity to be a little more picky in their career choices. The biggest challenge business owners are now facing is the ability to attract and retain talented employees. It’s time to adapt your strategy and focus just as much of your resources on the candidate experience as you do with the client experience.

The Candidate Experience Starts Before the Application

Many employers believe the candidate experience starts when a candidate submits an application. Today, many would argue it starts with the candidate’s first exposure to the employer’s brand. The full candidate experience continues through their employment tenure. First impressions are the longest lasting - treat candidates at all stages equally.

Speed up Your Time-to-Hire

Deciding to hire a new employee can be a big decision, but you shouldn’t let your process get in the way of landing the hire. When you’re not moving quickly, an extended hiring process can result in a poor candidate experience. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fully vet out candidates, it just means to be efficient and don’t make them wait too long for a decision.

Maintain Your Reputation Through Great Customer Service

This includes your current employees, people going through the interview process, and even candidates you decide not to hire. Regardless of the encounter, everyone should walk away with a positive experience. Social media sites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor offer a great opportunity to respond to candidates and maintain a well-liked brand presence.

Use Technology to Simplify the Process

Once a candidate decides to apply, interview, and (hopefully) onboard to a new position, the process should be simple not cumbersome. Candidates are more likely to fall off if the are unhappy with the process. There are plenty of great technology solutions that are well worth the investment.

Personalize the Final Decision

Whether you are deciding to pass or make an offer on a candidate, think about their experience with your company thus far. If you’re extending an offer, be sure to deliver the news over the phone to make it a more personal experience and help them feel part of the culture right away. If you are turning down a candidate, take the extra time to explain your decision and discuss possible opportunities for the future.

Don’t Burn Bridges

We often hear this advice given to candidates deciding to leave a company, but the saying goes both ways. It’s important to leave all employee-employer relationships on good terms if you can, as you never know what the future may bring. Maintaining good relationships with everyone reinforces the end of a positive experience with your company--something that can bring talented people back or extend to others in their network.




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